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Seismic reliability. Delivery reliability. Water quality reliability.
Water supply reliability.


The Water System Improvement Program (WSIP) is a $4.8 billion dollar, multi-year capital program to upgrade the SFPUC's regional and local water systems. The program will deliver capital improvements that enhance the SFPUC's ability to provide reliable, affordable, high quality drinking water in an environmentally sustainable manner to 2.6 million people in the greater Bay Area. The program consists of 83 projects - 35 local projects located within San Francisco and 48 regional projects, spread over seven counties from the Sierra foothills to San Francisco.

Currently, the WSIP is approximately 90% complete with construction finished on 34 local projects valued at $290 million and 32 regional projects valued at $1 billion along the landmark Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System to ensure reliable water delivery to customers.

Pipeline Bay Tunnel HTWTP

The program is funded by a bond measure that was approved by San Francisco voters in November 2002 and will be paid for by both retail customers in San Francisco and 26 wholesale customers that serve Alameda, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties.

The WSIP is one of the largest water infrastructure programs in the nation and the largest infrastructure program ever undertaken by the City of San Francisco.

Reliability. Sustainability. Quality. The WSIP objectives include:

  • Improve the system to provide high-quality water that reliably meets all current and foreseeable local, State, and Federal requirements.
  • Reduce vulnerability of the water system to damage from earthquakes.
  • Increase system reliability to deliver water by providing the redundancy needed to accommodate outages.
  • Provide improvements related to water supply/drought protection.
  • Enhance sustainability through improvements that optimize protection of the natural and human environment.
The Hetch Hetchy Water System crosses 3 major earthquake faults.
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