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Free Classroom Presentations

California State Standards-Aligned for Fourth 4th & 5th Grade Students

"Our Water"

Our Water Classroom PresentationIntroduce students to water issues local to San Francisco. This presentation serves as an educational complement to the SFPUC’s Our Water curriculum. Lesson plans support CA State Standards and investigate various aspects of water resources and water use. During this 50-minute interactive presentation students will learn about:

  • Water during the Gold Rush era
  • The history of our Hetch Hetchy Regional Water system
  • The many different uses of water & the concept of a "water footprint"
  • Threats to our water supply such as droughts and climate change
  • Alternative water resources such as groundwater, recycled water and desalination

To schedule a presentation, please contact the Water Conservation Department at (415) 551-4730.

"Save Our Bay"
Save Our Bay Classroom Presentation
In partnership with the San Francisco Department of the Environment, ‘Save Our Bay’ utilizes demonstrations and games to teach students about the Earth’s water supply, and how human activities can pollute or protect our most precious natural resources. During this 90-minute interactive presentation students will learn about:

  • How San Francisco’s sewer system protects the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean
  • Water pollution prevention
  • The water cycle

To schedule a presentation contact (415) 355-3712 or visit

"That’s the Tuolumne in My Tap!"
by Tuolumne River Trust

Steelhead TroutAn hour-long presentation introduces students to a slideshow tour of the Tuolumne River, the major source of San Francisco’s drinking water. The slideshow covers the Hetch Hetchy Water System and focuses on the plant and animal life supported by the river and why conservation is important. The presentation concludes with a discussion of how to conserve and use water wisely.

To schedule a presentation, Peter Drekmeier at (415) 882-7252 or

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